Bagot Goat society data privacy policy

Data Privacy Policy

The Bagot Goat Society collects and controls personal information about its Members. This information is gathered to provide its members with membership and registration services. We are committed to protecting your personal information and will only allow personal data to be used for delivering these services to our members.

How we obtain, control and process data

The Society obtains and controls members’ data by consent. For the purpose of providing membership services and registering goats the Society shares its members’ data with Grassroots Systems Limited, who provide an agency service for the management of the Society’s breed register. As Registrar, Grassroots Systems Ltd is the principle processor of members’ data. The processing of members’ data by Grassroots Systems Ltd is done under the control of The Bagot Goat Society.

As Registar, Grassroots Systems Ltd obtains consent on behalf of the Society for the following purposes:

  1. To provide membership services.
  2. To provide goat registration services.
  3. To compose for distribution to the membership, a printed form of the annual Herd Book.
  4. To provide the membership with access to the Society’s on-line database.

The data we hold and share with our Registrar

The Bagot Goat Society Registrar, Grassroots Systems Ltd, hold the following personal and animal data in digital and/or printed form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Parish Holding Number
  • UK Herd Number
  • Herd/Flock Number and Prefix
  • Ministry Tag Numbers
  • Annual Registration Data

How we use this information

The Society’s Registrar will process members’ data deemed necessary for the purpose of maintaining membership or support and/or to maintain the Society’s Register and facilitate the annual production of a herd book.

The Society will only share members’ personal information with people and organisations other than Grassroots Systems Ltd, after consent from the owner of the data has been obtained on each occasion.

The Bagot Goat Society and Grassroots Systems Ltd

Grassroots Systems Ltd manages registry and membership data on behalf of the Society. This information is held on password protected computers in the Grassroots Systems Ltd office.

Grassroots Systems Ltd is the principle data processor of the members’ information. Name and address information is temporarily held from time to time by the Society’s Secretary for the purpose of distributing the printed annual herd book and newsletters to the Members.

All new and existing members will be asked by Grassroots Systems Ltd for consent for them to use their data in accordance with and limited to, the activities of the Bagot Goat Society. Data held in the Grassroots Systems software is backed-up into encrypted protected zip files.

The Bagot Goat Society is in agreement with the provisions laid out in Grassroots Privacy Policy (June 2018). which can be found at:

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain

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