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Bagot Events in 2021

Bagot Goat Society Annual Show & Sale 2021

To be held at

Melton Mowbray Market’s 18th Pedigree Traditional and Native Breeds National Show and Sale.

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th September 2021

Melton Mowbray Market will be administering the event this year.

The schedule and an entry form can be downloaded from their website:

Entries can also be made online using the ‘Sales’ page on the on-line register.

Entries Close: 5th August 2021

Melton Mowbray

Traditional Native Breeds Show & Sale

2020 Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Sadly the above event where we hold the Bagot Goat Society’s annual show and sale has had to be cancelled for this year.

The Society looks forward to planning a bigger and better show and sale for 2021.

Please do contact Nick, the Society’s Secretary, if you have registered Bagot goats (or birth notified wethers) available for sale now, or perhaps later in the year. Nick is happy to offer help and advise on advertising your goats.


September 2019

The Bagot Goat Society

Annual Show & Sale 2019

Exhibitor Mike Caunter (left) and judge Chris Clayton (right) with the Breed and Interbreed Goat Champion, Pemberley Martin Adams.

Last weekend the Society held another successful show and sale at Melton Mowbray market.

The results of the show were as follows:

Bagot Nanny: 1st Bemborough Rebecca II, exhibited by Gillian Henshaw; 2nd Bill Quay Gypsy and 3rd Bill Quay Gladis, both exhibited by Bill Quay Community Farm.

Nanny Kid: 1st Hensell Arabella, exhibited by Gillian Henshaw and 2nd Melsop Spotty Dot, exhibited by Melsop Farm Park.

Bagot Billy: 1st Pemberley Martin Adams, exhibited by Henson & Andrews Ltd, 2nd Bill Quay Felix, exhibited by Bill Quay Community Farm and 3rd Owl Farm Curtis, exhibited by Gillian Henshaw.

Billy Kid: 1st Melsop Nelson, exhibited by Melsop Farm Park.

Breed Champion: Awarded to Pemberley Martin Adams, exhibited by Henson & Andrews Ltd.

Reserve Breed Champion: Awarded to Bemborough Rebecca II, exhibited by Gillian Henshaw.

Pemberly Martin Adam also took the award for Interbreed Goat Champion.

Our sincere thanks go to Chris Clayton for judging the Bagot goat classes and the interbreed class together with Maggie Turner. Also thanks to Wendy Gacem for her help as steward to the judge.

The Society would once again like to thank all of those Members who supported this event by entering their goats in the show and sale. We also wish all of the new owners the greatest of luck and success with their new Bagot goats.


February 2019

North Norfolk’s famous Bagot goats head south for their latest job


Norfolk Wildlife Trust to use the 15 billies for habitat management

Some of the famous North Norfolk Bagot goats have headed south to continue their valuable conservation and habitat-management work.
The 15 billies have been sent on a long-term loan to heathland near Thetford, on land looked after by Norfolk Wildlife Trust.
The loan follows the sale of a group of billies to Suffolk Wildlife Trust last year.
Cllr Sarah Butikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said: “We’re delighted that the wildlife trusts see the same potential benefits as we do.
“The goats are a cost-effective way of managing vegetation and vulnerable habitats, and they act as a draw for tourists, too.”
John Milton, Head of Nature Reserves at Norfolk Wildlife Trust, said: “We are grateful to North Norfolk District Council for loaning us the 15 Bagot goats.
“For some time we have wanted to experiment with grazing by goats to deal with bramble and gorse, which are a particular issue on some areas in the Brecks restored to grass heath from forestry.”
NNDC’s herd of goats spend the summer on Cromer cliff, where they have provided a cheap and easy way to keep the undergrowth under control. Nine nannies and three nanny kids are currently grazing at Salthouse Heath, getting ready for their next shift back at the seaside later this year, and the herd is expected to welcome some new kids in the next few days.
The Bagot is a rare breed, so the council and the wildlife trusts are playing a key role in securing the breed’s future.




and to those who have Bagot goats in-kid, we wish you a successful and enjoyable kidding season in 2019.



December 2018


Hay Feeding Time Again

Although many of us feed our Bagot goats some hay throughout the year, this is the time of year when hay makes up most of their diet. Fodder is essential to maintaining a healthy digestive system and fresh, sweet-smelling hay or other suitable fodders should be available ad-libitum.

Bagot Goat Society Members are reminded that the time has come around again to renew your annual subscriptions. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of our small and friendly society that works to ensure the survival of this beautiful and fascinating breed.

The next edition of the Bagot Bugle will be sent out to our Members very soon, in time to read over the Christmas holiday.

Wishing everyone an joyful and happy Christmas and the very best wishes for the new year.


September 2018

Bagot Goat Society Annual Show & Sale 2018


The Society had a successful annual show and sale, held in conjunction with the Traditional and Native Breeds Show and Sale at Melton Mowbray market on the 7th and 8th September 2018. Eight goats were entered in the show, and thanks go to each of the owners for putting on a display of well presented goats.

The show classes were judged by Sarah Pumfrett, an experienced Bagot breeder and member of the Society’s Committee. Congratulations go to Hayley Adkins and Ian Kemp of Owl Farm for winning ‘Breed Champion’ with their male kid, Owl Farm Curtis. Congratulations also go to Bill Quay Community Farm for winning ‘Reserve Breed Champion’ with their Bagot female, Bill Quay Florence. Bill Quay Community Farm also took the winning rosette for ‘Best Adult Male’ with Bill Quay Felix.

The Society would like to thank Sarah Pumfrett for judging the show classes and for generously making and donating the rosettes once again. Thanks also go to Wendy Gacem for stewarding the show classes

The Bagots also enjoyed a successful sale. The average price achieved at the auction was £258.56 and the top price of 430.00 guineas was achieved by a female Bagot goat sold by Bill Quay Community Farm.

The Society would like to thank all of those members who supported the event by entering goats and all of those who helped and came along to make this another successful show and sale. 


August 2018


Held at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market
as part of the Native & Traditional Breeds National Show & Sale.

A fascinating and enjoyable two day event for all those interested in rare and traditional livestock.

(N.B. Society Members are reminded that the Annual General Meeting will take place at 3pm on Friday 7th September 2018 at the market.)

Copies of the catalogue General Information and sections for each breed are now available to download from



June 2018


Entries are now open for the Bagot Goat Society’s Official Show and Sale held at the Native and Traditional Breeds Show and Sale to be held on the 7th and 8th September 2018 at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market.

Entries on line at
Paper entries should be sent to the market who will log them into the on line system.
All entry fees go direct to the market, cheques payable to Melton Market Auctioneers.

Only registered goats may be entered into the show and sale.

Please do NOT leave registration applications to the last minute as this may result in missing out on getting show and sale entries processed in time to meet the deadline.

Paper entries close on Sunday 29th July
On line entries close on Sunday 5th August

Time constraints in the production of the catalogue means that any late entries or changes are not possible after these closing dates.

We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you at the event.

April 2018

Our Members should all now have received their 2017 Bagot Goat Society Herdbook. Please do contact the Society at if your copy has not yet arrived.

The very best wishes to all those kidding their Bagot goats at the moment and contending with this unusually cold and wet weather in many regions.

January 2018

A happy new year to all of our Members and supporters.

The start of new year has presented some challenging weather, especially for the many herds of Bagot goats that live out all year round. These first few months of the year can test the resolve and determination of Bagot breeders and keepers, however they are also a time when we see the arrival of the next generation of new kids representing hope for the future of our breed. Our gratitude and admiration goes to all those trudging through snow to deliver hay to their goats, suffering the inevitable cold fingers from de- icing water troughs and those trying very hard each day not to slip over in the muddy areas that often develop around gateways. January can be one of the most challenging months for livestock owners, however as the new shoots of the crocus and daffodil bulbs start to emerge it reminds us that the cold and wet weather will eventually give way to those first warm Spring days.

We start the new year with optimism; the first registered Bagot herd in Northern Ireland is currently settling into its new home at Tannaghmore Farm and a small herd will soon be traveling across the Channel to its new home on the Island of Jersey.

Bagots will be employed in conservation browsing at three RSPB reserves this year, two in Wales and the third in Kent. Emma Sayer at Hadleigh Farm Park would be pleased to hear from anyone with surplus male Bagots (entire and wethered), to help expand their browsing herd at the RSPB reserve near to Canterbury.

Wishing everyone a successful and trouble-free kidding season and the greatest success with their endeavours in this coming year.


Important notice to those of our members who pay their annual subscriptions electronically. If you’ve not yet been informed of recent changes, please would you contact the Acting Secretary for details.

Telephone: 01568 770215 Email:

Many thanks, Nick

 October 2017

Advise on Purchase Bagot Goats

The Society would like to remind all those planning to buy Bagot goats of the importance of ensuring that each goat is registered with the Bagot Goat Society prior to purchase. It has come to our attention that unregistered goats may have been sold on the understanding that they can be registered at a later date. A Bagot goat must be registered by its breeder and therefore the post-sale registration of a goat may not always be possible.

Members can check a goat’s registration status by using the on-line herd book and new keepers are advised to contact Nick Bohemia (Acting Secretary) who can help confirm a particular goat’s registration status. We are also happy to offer help to those Members unfamiliar with using the on-line facilities.

Also the Acting Secretary can help with organising a Kinship report to advise on the  suitability of using a particular male goat on the female goats in your herd.


The Bagot Goat Society Annual Show and Sale 2017

The Society is pleased to report on yet another successful annual show and sale, held in conjunction with the Traditional and Native Breeds Show and Sale at Melton Mowbray market on the 8th and 9th September. The event welcomed nine entries, all attractive examples of the Bagot breed of goat and presented in good condition by their owners.

Five goats were entered into the show and classes were judged by David Stapleton, an experienced Bagot breeder and a long term member of the Bagot Goat Society. Congratulations go to Bill Quay Community Farm who swept the board winning both Champion Bagot Goat with their yearling female, Bill Quay Elodie and Reserve Champion Bagot goat with their yearling male, Bill Quay Ernest. Congratulations also go to Melsop Rare Breeds Farm Park for winning Best Billy Kid with Melsop Maurice.

This was another successful event seemingly enjoyed by everyone who took part. The Society would like to thank all of those members who supported the event by entering goats. Thanks also go to Sarah Pumfrett for stewarding the judging and for generously making and donating the rosettes awarded. The Society would also like to offer its sincere thanks to David Stapleton for judging the show classes, a task he executed with great skill and consideration.

Bill Quay Elodie, winner of Champion Bagot Goat with her keeper Ryan.

Sale of Bagot Goats, Melton Mowbray 2017

A successful sale saw nine out the ten entries sold. Prices achieved for female goats were on the whole comparable with those in 2016. The Breed Champion, a female goat named Bill Quay Elodie from Bill Quay Community Farm achieving the top price of 230.00 gns. This year’s sale attracted entries of male yearlings and  kids with mature males absent.  Top price for a male goat was achieved by Bemborough Quentin II sold by Henson & Andrews Ltd for 120.00 gns.



Online entries closing soon for the

Bagot Goat Society Annual Show and Sale.

To be held at the National Native and Traditional Breeds Show and Sale, at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market on the 8th & 9th September 2017

To enter your registered Bagot goats go to:

Closing date for online entries: 6th August 2017

To do entries on line – there are step by step instructions on the first screen, but please do give Grassroots Systems Ltd a call if help is needed on 01392 270421 or email



March 2017

New RBST Watchlist Category for Bagots

In 2016 the population of registered Bagot goats continued to increase. The registrations of both male and female kids were up on the previous year and the Society also saw an increase in its membership. As a direct result of this increase in the breed’s population, the Rare Breeds Survival Trust has been able to move the Bagot goat from its former Watchlist category of ‘Endangered’ (100 to 200 registered females) to the new category of ‘Vulnerable’ (200 to 300 registered females). This represents a tremendous improvement in the breed’s conservation status in recent years and is thanks to the continued hard work and dedication of the Bagot goat’s breeders and supporters.

Bagots to Assist with Habitat Conservation

In April this year, seven Bagot males will help the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to eradicate brambles and other invasive plant species on one of their nature reserves in Carmarthenshire. This project is of mutual benefit to both the RSPB and the Bagot goat; providing cost effective weed control and providing a genetic reserve of male Bagots, fit and ready for breeding when needed. This pioneer work with RSPB could provide a useful outlet for surplus male Bagot goats. We are very grateful to RSPB for this opportunity to demonstrate the Bagot’s suitability to low-impact habitat management. Updates on the progress of this project will be posted, along with photographs of the herd browsing in this enchanting and peaceful valley.

The Society receives regular enquiries for Bagot goats from both prospective new keepers and existing members, who are searching for breeding stock, stud males or stock for conservation browsing. Please do let us know when you have Bagot goats for sale, which will help us to establish new herds and to meet the growing interest in the use of Bagot goats in habitat conservation.

If you have any queries regarding stock for sale, eligibility for registration or any other Bagot related query, please do contact the Society; we’re here to help our members and all those interested in the Bagot goat and look forward to your call or email.

Kidding is now well underway in many of our members’ herds and we would very much like to receive photographs of your new arrivals to include on our website. Please forward to:

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Bagot goat; together we are improving the breed’s conservation status year on year. Every herd of registered Bagots is important to the future of the breed, which exists because of this great enthusiasm for these fascinating and beautiful goats.


The Bagot Goat Society held its first official sale at the National Show & Sale of Traditional & Native Breeds, held at Melton Mowbray Market on 9th and 10th September this year.

The sale was a tremendous success with prices achieved exceeding the expectations of many of our members selling their goats at the event. Top price of 630 guineas achieved for an attractive pair of young females (kid and yearling).

Thanks go to Libby Henson and Melton Mowbray Livestock Market for their support and hard work to make this a successful and enjoyable weekend.

Bagot Goat Society is helping RBST with their Goat Gene Bank Project by providing four Bagot males for semen collection. We wish the trust the greatest success with this valuable and important conservation project to ensure the survival of the Bagot breed.



Press release from one of our members:

Essex now has a Conservation Farm Park thanks to Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Farm Estate

The Salvation Army’s rare breed centre at Hadleigh Farm Estate is putting Essex on the map after being recognised by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) as the county’s only approved ‘Conservation Farm Park’.

Emma Sayer, Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre Manager, said: “We’re so proud to be leading the way for rare breeds in Essex as the only RBST Conservation Farm Park. The whole team of staff and volunteers here are so passionate about our rare breed animals and this is something we have been working towards for the last few years.”

RBST Conservation Farm Parks play an important role in the promotion and development of some of the country’s rarest breeds and are also home to special breeding groups of animals which are managed with help from RBST.

Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre welcomes more than 40,000 visitors each year. The farm cares for more than 100 animals including some of the UK’s rarest breeds of goats, pigs and geese. Family fun and education days teach the importance of conservation and help children learn more about looking after animals and wildlife.

Emma continued: “We are committed to looking after our world and we will be working closely with RBST to protect and promote our national and local heritage for the whole community to enjoy.

“As the centre grows we’re looking forward to welcoming even more people to the farm to meet, feed and learn about our wonderful animals.”

Tom Blunt, Field Officer for the RBST, said: “RBST has Conservation Farm Parks throughout the country, and we are delighted to welcome The Salvation Army Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre”

“The farm has a fantastic selection of rare and native breeds, in particular two nice herds of Bagot and Golden Guernsey Goats.”

The rare breed centre is part of The Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Farm Estate which includes Hadleigh Training Centre for adults with additional support needs, Hadleigh Farm Tea Rooms and The Hub visitor’s centre at Hadleigh Park.

For more information about visiting Hadleigh Farm, please visit

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain

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