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July 2017


Online entries closing soon for the

Bagot Goat Society Annual Show and Sale.

To be held at the National Native and Traditional Breeds Show and Sale, at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market on the 8th & 9th September 2017

To enter your registered Bagot goats go to:

Closing date for online entries: 6th August 2017

To do entries on line – there are step by step instructions on the first screen, but please do give Grassroots Systems Ltd a call if help is needed on 01392 270421 or email

March 2017

New RBST Watchlist Category for Bagots

In 2016 the population of registered Bagot goats continued to increase. The registrations of both male and female kids were up on the previous year and the Society also saw an increase in its membership. As a direct result of this increase in the breed’s population, the Rare Breeds Survival Trust has been able to move the Bagot goat from its former Watchlist category of ‘Endangered’ (100 to 200 registered females) to the new category of ‘Vulnerable’ (200 to 300 registered females). This represents a tremendous improvement in the breed’s conservation status in recent years and is thanks to the continued hard work and dedication of the Bagot goat’s breeders and supporters.

Bagots to Assist with Habitat Conservation

In April this year, seven Bagot males will help the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to eradicate brambles and other invasive plant species on one of their nature reserves in Carmarthenshire. This project is of mutual benefit to both the RSPB and the Bagot goat; providing cost effective weed control and providing a genetic reserve of male Bagots, fit and ready for breeding when needed. This pioneer work with RSPB could provide a useful outlet for surplus male Bagot goats. We are very grateful to RSPB for this opportunity to demonstrate the Bagot’s suitability to low-impact habitat management. Updates on the progress of this project will be posted, along with photographs of the herd browsing in this enchanting and peaceful valley.

The Society receives regular enquiries for Bagot goats from both prospective new keepers and existing members, who are searching for breeding stock, stud males or stock for conservation browsing. Please do let us know when you have Bagot goats for sale, which will help us to establish new herds and to meet the growing interest in the use of Bagot goats in habitat conservation.

If you have any queries regarding stock for sale, eligibility for registration or any other Bagot related query, please do contact the Society; we’re here to help our members and all those interested in the Bagot goat and look forward to your call or email.

Kidding is now well underway in many of our members’ herds and we would very much like to receive photographs of your new arrivals to include on our website. Please forward to:

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Bagot goat; together we are improving the breed’s conservation status year on year. Every herd of registered Bagots is important to the future of the breed, which exists because of this great enthusiasm for these fascinating and beautiful goats.

The Bagot Goat Society held its first official sale at the National Show & Sale of Traditional & Native Breeds, held at Melton Mowbray Market on 9th and 10th September this year.

The sale was a tremendous success with prices achieved exceeding the expectations of many of our members selling their goats at the event. Top price of 630 guineas achieved for an attractive pair of young females (kid and yearling).

Thanks go to Libby Henson and Melton Mowbray Livestock Market for their support and hard work to make this a successful and enjoyable weekend.

Bagot Goat Society is helping RBST with their Goat Gene Bank Project by providing four Bagot males for semen collection. We wish the trust the greatest success with this valuable and important conservation project to ensure the survival of the Bagot breed.


Press release from one of our members:

Essex now has a Conservation Farm Park thanks to Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Farm Estate

The Salvation Army’s rare breed centre at Hadleigh Farm Estate is putting Essex on the map after being recognised by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) as the county’s only approved ‘Conservation Farm Park’.

Emma Sayer, Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre Manager, said: “We’re so proud to be leading the way for rare breeds in Essex as the only RBST Conservation Farm Park. The whole team of staff and volunteers here are so passionate about our rare breed animals and this is something we have been working towards for the last few years.”

RBST Conservation Farm Parks play an important role in the promotion and development of some of the country’s rarest breeds and are also home to special breeding groups of animals which are managed with help from RBST.

Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre welcomes more than 40,000 visitors each year. The farm cares for more than 100 animals including some of the UK’s rarest breeds of goats, pigs and geese. Family fun and education days teach the importance of conservation and help children learn more about looking after animals and wildlife.

Emma continued: “We are committed to looking after our world and we will be working closely with RBST to protect and promote our national and local heritage for the whole community to enjoy.

“As the centre grows we’re looking forward to welcoming even more people to the farm to meet, feed and learn about our wonderful animals.”

Tom Blunt, Field Officer for the RBST, said: “RBST has Conservation Farm Parks throughout the country, and we are delighted to welcome The Salvation Army Hadleigh Farm Rare Breed Centre”

“The farm has a fantastic selection of rare and native breeds, in particular two nice herds of Bagot and Golden Guernsey Goats.”

The rare breed centre is part of The Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Farm Estate which includes Hadleigh Training Centre for adults with additional support needs, Hadleigh Farm Tea Rooms and The Hub visitor’s centre at Hadleigh Park.

For more information about visiting Hadleigh Farm, please visit

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain

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