Membership and Registrations

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Membership for the Bagot Goat Society is just £20.00 per year, members are provided with:

  • Bagot goat registration service
  • Access to the Bagot Goat Society database
  • Annual Herd Book
  • Society publications
  • A friendly and helpful society

BGS Membership Application Form

N.B. We are experiencing some difficulty in updating the annual subscription amount on this membership application form which should read as ‘£20.00’. We will make this amendment to the form as soon as we are able, but in the meantime I we apologise for any confusion caused.

BGS Livestock Notification & Registration Form


Grassroots Systems Limited provide the registration service for the Bagot Goat Society. The pedigree information contained in the Bagot Goat Society database is available for all Bagot Goat Society members to view online via the Grassroots Pedeweb system. On registration members are provided with a Pedeweb membership and password.

Click here to access the Bagot Goat Society Grassroots Pedeweb System:

The Bagot Goat Society Grassroots Pedeweb System allows members to manage their herds online, members can notify the Society of:

  • New births
  • Castrations
  • Deaths
  • Animals transfers
  • Animals available for sale or hire

The Bagot Goat Society Grassroots Pedeweb System allows members to search for:

  • Individual animals
  • Progeny lists
  • Extended pedigrees
  • Animals available for sale or hire
  • Stock ownership details – dependent upon members notifying the Bagot Goat Society of births, deaths and transfers
  • Member information and contact details – restricted until members give their permission

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain