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Male and Female Kids For Sale (August 2021)

Almond Valley Heritage Trust in West Lothian has the 3 billies and 1 nanny for sale (see photos below).

All sired by Almond Valley Burt and different dams.

For more information please contact the Farm Manager, Craig Holmes on 07969396668 or

Nanny Kid at Almond Valley

Billy kids at Almond Valley

Bagot Billy Kids For Sale (August 2021)

Odds Farm Park has four entire male kids available.

For further details please contact Clare at

Bagot Billy For Sale (July 2021)

Wind Mill Yogi. 2yo Billy for sale from Long established Wind Mill Herd, in County Durham. Yogi is an attractive we’ll natured Billy who has sired a well marked crop of Kids this year. Looking to introduce so new blood so Yogi is looking for a new home. Any queries please e-mail

Wind Mill Yogi

Wind Mill Yogi

Bagot Billy for Sale (May 2021)

Fields Farm Routengill Bilbo

4 year old registered and proven billy. We are looking for a new home for Bilbo who has been part of our small herd for a couple of years and has produced some lovely kids. He is quite adventurous but will come to a bucket. We are based near Bedale in North Yorkshire, please get in touch if you would like more information.

Please email Sophie at:

6 Registered Bagot Billies (all entire). Jan 2021 

These boys have been successfully running as a small herd in a conservation grazing system but due to a change in land management are now available for sale/rehoming. 

They are well bucket trained, fairly well handled and trained to an electric fence and are presently grazing in the  Woodbridge, Suffolk area.  They have grazed with sheep, ponies and cattle on a variety of habitats over the years.  Aged from 4 to 7 years old, from the Levens 00403 and Dinosaur 05062 and Windmill 00403 herd. 

Please email Jane at for further details.

Northop Stevie and Northop Sid (Nov 2020)

Registered Billy kids born May and June this year to different sires though their mothers have a common grandmother. These two mischievous boys are looking for a new home. They have been around students in a college environment so quiet friendly. Stevie is very outgoing and explores everything and Sid is a bit more reserved and shy. Ideally I would like them to go together but please get a kinship report done to look at their suitability for your herd. Picture shows them last month with their dams.
Please email for more details and pictures.

Notes on Buying and Selling

Bagot goats are also advertised for sale on the Bagot Goat Society Grassroots Pedeweb System and on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s  stock exchange at and  updates from these two places are regularly posted above.

If you are not a member or if you have any specific requirements please get in touch with the Acting Secretary via the information on the contact details page.

We recommend that all purchasers ensure that Bagot goats offered for sale are registered with the Bagot Goat Society. Please contact the Acting Secretary for further advice on a particular Bagot goat’s registration status. All female and entire male Bagot goats should be registered with the Bagot Goat Society by their breeder. Bagot goats that have not been registered by their breeder are not entitled to inclusion in the Bagot Goat Herd Book without approval for their eligibility for entry by the Society’s Committee.

The Society wishes to encourage the registration of Bagot goats, therefore registration is free to all BGS members. Please contact the Secretary, Nick Bohemia, for further information regarding registration. The Society is here to help Bagot goat breeders and we welcome your enquiries.

The Bagot Goat Society does not offer any guarantees on the accuracy of information provided in the advertisements on this page. The Society does not offer guarantees on the health status of goats sold via this sales page. Purchasers are encouraged to visit and inspect all goats and the accompanying health documents where relevant before committing to purchase livestock.

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain

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