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Registered Bagot Billy For Sale (March 2019)


Two year old Bagot male, Staunton Tyler (BG2277) for sale, located close to Hayward’s Heath.

Please contact Jack Clasen on 07826524897

or email at for further details.

Pemberley Herd Dispersal (February 2019)


The established Pemberley herd in Cornwall has 18 goats for sale, including females, stud males and kids; including a recently orphaned kid. These Bagot goats need to find new homes as soon as possible.

Please contact Sam initially by text on 07897 545567 for further details.

Levens Hall Herd Reduction (February 2019)

Levens Hall Bagots 1 copy

The historic Levens herd in Cumbria has around 20 goats for sale, both males and females of various ages from kids to mature adults.

For further details on availability and prices please contact Phil on: 07764 607765

Female Bagot Kids For Sale at Odds Farm Park (September 2018)

Odds Farm Park, near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire have two nanny kids (BG2456 & BG2459) for sale.

For further information please contact Clare Middleton on 01628 520188.

Bagot Goat Kids from the Faulkner Herd For Sale (August 2018)



The Faulkner herd in Bedfordshire has six female kids and four male kids for sale. All have been weaned and ready to go to new homes.

For further details about these kids please contact Beverley Faulkner on 07913 478055 or email at

Two Male Bagot Goats For Sale from the Bradworth Herd in Yorkshire (August 2018)



BRADWORTH YOGI (M) BG2543 (TAG NO – UK126608/00096)

SIRE – BG1819 WINDMILL ROGER UK110759/125: DAM – BG1877 BILL QUIAY BAILIEGH UK0106110/00127

BRADWOTH BARRY (M) BG2452 (TAG NO – UK126608/00095)

SIRE – WINDMILL ROGER UK110759/125: DAM – BG1624 BILL QUAY BO UK0106110/00429

Please contact Paul Kilgallon at PRISM YOUTH PROJECT, BRADFORD

Tel:  01274 487633 Mob: 07861969159


Proven Bagot Billy For Sale in North Yorkshire (August 2018)


For Sale Fields Farm Luke (BG2156), born in 2016. A lovely little goat that has worked well and sired several kids,

For further details please contact Babs Bell on 07748343747
North Yorkshire

Bagot Bilies For Sale from the Mileshiggins Herd in Herefordshire (August 2018)


Two registered Bagot male goats for sale from the Mileshiggins Herd located in Herefordshire.

Mileshiggins Archibald, Registration No- BG2249   D.O.B – 26/3/2017 and

Mileshiggins Alexander, Registration No- BG2248   D.O.B 2/4/2017

For further details about these two billies please contact Aimee at or phone number 07775506909

Bagot Billies For Sale from the Uffmore Herd in the West Midlands (August 2018)



Two adult Bagot billies, both two-years old for sale.

Uffmore Gizmo (BG2199) with black front legs and Uffmore Gino (BG2200) with white legs. Both have brilliant temperaments, very friendly and would be a great addition to any herd. £100 each – or both for £150 or any offers will be considered.

Contact me on and on 07713 670142 or Robert on 07938 600480

Bagot goats are also advertised for sale on the Bagot Goat Society Grassroots Pedeweb System and on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s  stock exchange at and  updates from these two places are regularly posted above.

If you are not a member or if you have any specific requirements please get in touch with the Acting Secretary via the information on the contact details page.

We recommend that all purchasers ensure that Bagot goats offered for sale are registered with the Bagot Goat Society. Please contact the Acting Secretary for further advice on a particular Bagot goat’s registration status. All female and entire male Bagot goats should be registered with the Bagot Goat Society by their breeder. Bagot goats that have not been registered by their breeder are not entitled to inclusion in the Bagot Goat Herd Book without approval for their eligibility for entry by the Society’s Committee.

The Society wishes to encourage the registration of Bagot goats, therefore registration is free to all BGS members. Please contact the Acting Secretary, Nick Bohemia, for further information regarding registration. The Society is here to help Bagot goat breeders and we welcome your enquiries.

The Bagot Goat Society does not offer any guarantees on the accuracy of information provided in the advertisements on this page. The Society does not offer guarantees on the health status of goats sold via this sales page. Purchasers are encouraged to visit and inspect all goats and the accompanying health documents where relevant before committing to purchase livestock.

Supporting Bagot Goats – a Primitive Breed Native to Britain

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